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for~ yokunaru

JJ - from time to time - made very poor decisions. He wouldn't admit it, but it was due to in part to his age. Still a teenager by all technicalities, and immature for his age, these choices typically were quite harmless. This was a time where they were not. JJ barely remembered what happened halfway through the night. He had one shot, two shot, three shot, four... shots. That's when he stopped remembering things. He was a young person, enjoying a trip abroad, and making terrible decisions.

Indeed, not every decision made at happy hour was a good one.

None of them seemed to be this time.

When he woke up with a pounding headache, he was somewhere unfamiliar. A hotel it looked like. He moved about the room for his belongings. He gathered up his clothes, got dressed, and looked around for his phone. It was getting close to dead. He didn't know where he was exactly.

He didn't want to ask for help, either. He was above that.

But - since he had offered - he opted to text someone who he knew would help him - Yuuri Katsuki. He shared minimal details.

Strange hotel. You offered help. Don't say a thing.
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Yuuri remembered typing the words out on his cell phone screen last night. He remembered pressing send. And yet, Yuuri had never expected that JJ would actually take him up on it. Glancing at the screen in the morning had given him one of the biggest shocks of his life.

Immediately feeling much more awake, Yuuri sat up in his bed and fired off a response.

I won't. But you'll have to give me more information than that. What strange hotel? Do you have the address?
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Once Yuuri had the address on hand, he hopped down to the hotel's lobby to ask them for help. Thankfully, it turned out that the "strange hotel" in question wasn't too far from where most of the figure skaters were staying. With the directions scribbled on a scrap of paper, Yuuri walked the distance on foot, keeping a brisk pace all the while.

As soon as he reached the hotel's entrance, he took his phone out again.

I'm here. Can you make it down to the lobby?
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From the moment JJ entered the lobby and began walking toward him, Yuuri immediately knew something was wrong. There was none of the wide smiles or larger-than-life personality that he'd come to expect from the other skater in sight, and it honestly threw Yuuri for a loop.

He frowned, brows scrunching together in concern as soon as JJ was close enough. "Did something happen?"

Hungover, maybe? Yuuri wondered. JJ had mentioned a lot of alcohol the night before.
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Yeah, that smile wasn't really doing its job of convincing Yuuri that JJ was alright. Though he wouldn't say that he knew JJ very well, Yuuri was quietly observant when he wanted to be, and that smile looked forced to him.

Still, he didn't want to push if JJ wasn't up to talking yet. Yuuri didn't know what had happened the night before, but at least there was something he was able to do for JJ right then.

"There's a cafe just a short walk down this street," Yuuri offered up immediately. "Coffee and eggs should help with the hangover. After that, we can figure out the rest from there."
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Yuuri watched him with pursed lips. However flippant JJ was trying to act, Yuuri didn't for one second believe that he wasn't upset about something. I wouldn't know, the other skater had said. Someone else might have missed it, but after his own experience at the banquet the previous year, the words had stuck out to him like a sore thumb.

"Cafe's this way," Yuuri finally said, deciding to wait until they'd gotten some food in him. If JJ was feeling anything close to how terrible he did last year, then Yuuri knew he wouldn't be in any mood to be pushed for answers. Silently, only pausing to make sure JJ was following him, Yuuri led them out of the lobby and onto the street.
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While the awkward silence did weigh on him just a bit, Yuuri let it drag on, knowing it would be better to wait. Seeing the cafe come into view was still a relief, though.

It wasn't until they were both seated at a booth that Yuuri checked his phone and saw an unread message from Viktor. As he fired off a quick response, another thought occurred to him. "Hey, JJ?" Yuuri set his phone down on the table as he leaned forward intently. "Did you let your fiance know what happened?"

He hadn't met her yet, but Yuuri thought she seemed nice enough. She clearly cared for JJ, too, judging by the way she'd quickly stepped in to rally the crowd after that short program fiasco.
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"I guess not." Yuuri could understand. He had done the same last year, keeping his questions and worries to himself when he woke up with the worst hangover ever and a huge gap in his memory.

He flagged the waiter over, ordering the coffee and eggs for both of them. Before the waiter could leave, though, Yuuri nodded over to JJ with a raised brow. "Did you want anything else?"
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"And some water," Yuuri told the waiter with a grateful nod.

When the two of them were alone again, he studied JJ from across the table, one hand propping up his chin. With things quiet like this between them, Yuuri was just starting to realize how surreal it all was. Had he and JJ ever really talked before this? He didn't think so.

"What's your fiance like? I didn't really get a chance to talk to her her during the finals," Yuuri asked, thinking it might help for him to focus on some one familiar as they waited for the food to arrive. "Oh, congratulations on the engagement, by the way."
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Yuuri immediately blushed, other hand straying to touch the gold band on his finger, like he had to check if it was still there. "Thanks," he said quietly, pensive as he remembered that there was a lot he and Viktor had yet to really talk about. They had both been too caught up in the whirl of preparations for the Finals. But that would come later, once he and JJ had parted ways.

"Isabella sounds great." There wasn't a trace of sarcasm. "I could tell she really cares about you." She'd known exactly what to do to get JJ back on his feet at the Kiss and Cry, after all. Actually... that made Yuuri remember something he'd been wondering for a while.

"Say, JJ?" Yuuri's voice practically dripped with curiosity. "Did something happen between you and Yurio--um, the Russian Yuri?" No one had missed the other skater's irritation whenever JJ was so much as brought up.
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"That might be an understatement," Yuuri said under his breath. There were a lot of things that Yurio did not particularly like, and the vehemence that he exuded when it came to JJ was...something else entirely.

Besides, JJ's expression said it all. That almost guilty look was such a far cry from his usual confident smile that Yuuri had to struggle not to laugh. He coughed instead, buying himself some time to push down his bubbling amusement. Thankfully, the waiter arrived with their coffee and food just then, and Yuuri wisely used that time to recover.

He filled both cups with coffee and pushed one toward JJ with intent. "Just humor me. What kind of things did you do to make him so annoyed at you?"
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"You call him Kitten?" Yuuri choked around a laugh that escapes him despite his best efforts. "Do you have a death wish or something?"

Though he knew Yuri probably hated it--more than "Yurio"? Who even knew?--Yuuri felt just a smidgen of awe for JJ's sheer daring. Yurio could be grumpy even on his better days, even if he didn't always mean his cutting words. To blatantly provoke someone who would most likely bite back took a lot of daring.

Good person or otherwise that JJ might believe he was, Yuuri was different from before--more centered and just a bit more confident now that he knew he and Viktor were on the same page. He simply raised his brows, not blowing up like Yurio might have, but also not letting JJ's comment pass without challenge. "Before the finals, definitely," he said without even flinching. JJ had soundly snatched gold in both of his qualifiers, there was no point in denying what was fact. "We didn't break Viktor's world records for no reason, though."
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"That's because he hasn't kicked you before," Yuuri said, looking strangely at ease with what he just said. He paused. "Actually, has he?" Yuuri remembered all too well how Yurio's kick had sent him flying. They were on much better terms now, of course, but the boy still had a temper on him.

"Chris has, too." Smiling, Yuuri cocked his head as he looked at JJ. "So you think you can beat Viktor?"
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"You'll get a chance to find out next season." This time Yuuri's smile brightened, excitement practically radiating off of him. "Viktor's planning to make a come back then."

As far as he knew, Viktor was going to make his announcement later today, so Yuuri didn't feel too bad about letting JJ know a little earlier. Besides, it was news many would find exciting, wasn't it?
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"Doesn't everyone?" Who wouldn't want to stand on the podium with Viktor Nikiforov?

Yuuri set his cup down, concern overriding excitement for the moment. "How's the headache?" he asked, now that the food and coffee have had some time to settle. JJ's color was looking better, at least. Even if others might find the confidence abrasive, Yuuri thought it was a good sign that JJ was feeling better.