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AND A BIT LATER... ( for borschtkot )

Things had changed quite a bit since JJ first returned to Russia. The more time he spent here, and with Yuri, the more he regretted his leaving, too. There were times where he was jealous, realizing that in his absence, Yuri had been with others. That was the fact that had driven his regret. If he had stayed, well, he was sure things would be very different now. He tried hard to push that to the back of his mind. It would be different this time. He wouldn't leave Yuri unless he was forced to. Yuri was, effectively, stuck with JJ as a part of his life. He wasn't about to give Yuri the chance to think that he was going to be abandoned. Since his programs were already together for the Grand Prix, as well, he had no real need to return home. He could easily practice here and Russia and stay here. His parents, still acting as his coaches, would come when needed. He didn't disclose why he was so keen on staying in Russia, but he also didn't feel so inclined to keep Yuri a secret.

After all, people were bound to figure it out when JJ was longer was regularly staying at a hotel. The things he had brought with him to Russia had started to make their way into Yuri's apartment. He wasn't quite confident enough to cancel the room at the hotel (just in case, he ever needed to escape). He intended to make himself a fixture in Yuri's life. And despite the times of bitterness and frustration that he often felt, he thought that things were going pretty normally. For them at least. He'd never say when he was jealous or bitter when Yuri would spend time with Otabek, though he was sure Yuri could read it in his face and features. JJ was not good at hiding his feelings. He never had been.

But it wasn't something he wanted to talk about. He'd deny that he felt any sort if way if confronted about it.

When they were both at Yuri's, he didn't spend very many moments separated from him. He was still, technically, a guest and even if there were times he was upset or angry - he was raised to always treat other people's homes with respect. So he did. He didn't get into things he wasn't invited to, and he only took the space offered to him. But now - he thought maybe he should consider just taking some of the space.

He vanished into the bedroom briefly, folding his freshly cleaned articles of clothing, organizing them in a small, neat pile. As he sorted them - he broke into another round of Theme of King JJ - just loud enough for Yuri to hear it.

He had a few more things than he had come to Russia with, having picked up some while staying here. He was wearing baggy sweatpants - red, with a white CANADA and a maple leaf on his left leg. His tee fit a little more snugly, with a gold crown on it. It was his go-to laundry outfit.

His clothing folded, he moved towards Yuri's closet, pausing. "Kitten~ I'm taking some of your closet," he announced, humming, before tugging open the closet door.
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Yuri hadn't exactly expected JJ to suddenly start moving in. It was a little odd, a little uncomfortable. Yuri had lived on his own for a little while, and beyond that was with his grandfather. But He was otherwise independent anyway. JJ being here was.. .. strange. And resulted in some interesting, but petty arguments.

Yuri said nothing. He went out with Otabek like normal, spent his days like normal. JJ was just there. Yuri waved him off as someone just there but Otabek was surely aware. Texts were shared back and forth between himself and Otabek. Quiet thoughts from Yuri about JJ's presence. Conversations about feelings, and that Yuri hadn't realized there were really any still there.

Otabek pointed out they were pretty obvious. Yuri had to admit the man was right... but there were other conversations about... more personal things with Otabek as well. He was certain it bothered JJ, the long talks Yuri and Otabek could manage without sniping back and forth.

Then the stuff started appearing. Then today...

"Why? Can't you just leave your shit in your bag? Or get a dresser or something?" He didn't get up from where he was, stroking his cat who was planted on his chest. It felt like JJ was trying to move in. He didn't know how he felt about that.
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Yuri frowns when JJ is in his face, scrunching down a bit to get away from him a bit. It was going to frizz his braid a little bit, but.. That grin. He wanted to punch it. JJ could be amazingly annoying by just being present sometimes and he was always present.

"I don't care where you put your stupid clothes. Its not like you're not here all the time." He frowns a little bit though, brow furrowing. "You told your sister about us? About time I guess."

A small bone tossed to the Canadian asshole. And there goes the cat, annoyed that JJ was hovering.

So Yuri sits up, shoving his braid back over his shoulder.

"About what? Oh, my rope and shit? It didn't seem like your thing, you're honestly a bit of a little bitch."
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Of course a member of JJ"s family would be a fan of Yuri's. It was better than rooting for JJ, who was overall garbage. The other skater really should just quit and make it easier on himself. Bow out in disgrace, move on. Let people like Yuri continue forward.

"You are too, so don't try to deny it now. I bet you've never even tried it before."

Okay so maybe Yuri liked things to be a little rough. He and Otabek had experimented before. Something to spice up the bedroom a little and create a bit of a closer bond between the two of them. Yuri could say Otabek was the person he trusted the most quite easily at this point in his life.

"Why would I bother saying anything? Are you saying you wanted to try it or something?"
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Yuri narrows his eyes a little at JJ. He really doubted JJ would be any good at it. But maybe he would. JJ did seem to love the idea of being in control. So Yuri stands, stretching his arms gracefully over head before letting them drop down with a flop at his sides.

"Alright. We can try it then. I can show you some basic knots and things like that if you want any actual bondage or we can just use cuffs... Do you want to be the top or bottom?"

His tone was casual. As if none of this was overly interesting because it wasn't. It wasn't interesting until they actually started to get going.
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Yuri was a little disappointed JJ chose top. Not because Yuri particularly wanted it, just that he didn't think JJ was prepared for the amount of responsibility it had but he wasn't going to argue.

He just leans into JJ, watching him closely at this proximity.

"What do you want as my safeword."
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Puppies.Well that.. wasn't what Yuri expected but at the same time this was JJ. He was an idiot and didn't take things seriously. So he shrugs it off and nods. He takes JJ's hand and leads him back to the bedroom. There wasn't a need for something elaborate if they were just practicing.

"So, there's a few things.. there's ropes and whips and chains, all that basic stuff. Then just.. commands. Pain can be involved, it doesn't have to be. Its up to you."
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"Don't worry, if I'm not having fun you'll know it."

Yuri had no problem using safe words and keeping a firm grasp of his limits. It was just a matter of seeing JJ's and testing the waters with someone obviously green to all of this.

"This was the closest I ever got to our little situation back then. You know, the whole treating each other like garbage shit we're so good at."

Except this way there would be control.
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Yuri smirks slightly. He didn't seem entirely as amused as JJ with the situation but he was also probably taking things a little more seriously than JJ was. He leans in to bite at JJ's lips before pulling away.

Off came his layers of clothing, tossed aside for the time being because they certainly weren't necessary for the next however long this would be.

He sits down on the bed, motioning to where things were that JJ could utilize before looking back at him.

"So lets start.."
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Ah. The ropes first. Yuri liked the ropes though he had been sure JJ would want to start with something easier. Then again, this was JJ. He seemed to think he would be the best at everything first try. This had the potential of going badly, he knew.

He presses back into the kiss, opening his legs for JJ. He was willing to tell JJ the best knot to use, the safest. Was glad to give instruction and his instruction wasn't sharp or rude in the least.

They were his hands and Yuri knew a bad knot could damage his hands permanently. At least JJ could take direction well enough and the ropes were comfortably binding. The safety length was resting neatly in Yuri's palm.

"Tell me what you want..."
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Yuri shifts back, laying down. He lifts his arms above his head, resting his hands against the bed as he opens his legs. He was maybe making it a little easier for JJ since this was the first time he'd ever done this.

"Tell me how you want this to go..." Because he could make things pretty hard on JJ if the older man wanted, or he could keep it easy.
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"Oh, well..."

If that was how it was going to be.. then Yuri would be glad to make JJ work for that bit of fun. He slams his legs shut and sits up, pushing JJ a little roughly back.

"Are you going to untie me if you're going to be this boring? If its just going to be you standing around being confused I don't know if I want to actually do any of this at all."
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Yuri puts pressure on JJ to actually hold him down. He tips his hips up to push JJ upwards, to try and dump him off. His bound hands were twisting and trying to slide free. He had to use them to brace against the bed at the moment or else he'd be giving quite a push there as well.

"You have no plans at all, idiot! You were planning on letting me figure shit out for you the whole time. You want to play but you don't even know where to begin."

His tone was scolding, deliberately talking down to the person whow as supposed to be the one dominating.
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"I have a thousand complaints and they all involved how shit you are at this."

He was quick to throw it right back. Let JJ work for his little game. He obviously hadn't really thought any of this through. He just wanted to act like he knew what he was doing to impress Yuri.

He pushes back, snapping his teeth at the arm that was extended towards his chest. Little shit.

"You need to figure your shit out if you want to play this kind of game."
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Well if JJ wanted him to play the game then he would play. He tries to twist his head away but was initially unsuccessful. He sneers up at JJ, pressing back against the weight on his hips. He could be patient for the right moment to strike. Which when JJ leaned down...

He turned his head, biting JJ's cheek a bit more roughly than he actually meant to but he only had a short chance to make the move. It wouldn't bruise.. maybe.. Yuri just knew it'd be sore.

"I told you not to call me kitten!"
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The slap was a surprise, though not overly painful. And it wasn't unpleasant either. That was a little more akin to what Yuri was used to. Otabek was a little more willing to hit a little harder though. It was a surprise, but.. Not entirely what he was hoping for.

JJ could certainly hit harder, Yuri knew that. This had barely left a sting.

"I'm sure anything I do to your face would only make it look better." Yuri sneered over up at JJ. IF this is what it took to get JJ more engaged then he would gladly do it.
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Yuri could handle a little more pain. He didn't want JJ to be afraid to do it, but it was obvious that he wasn't going to just take the permission and run with it. No he wanted to be gentle. Yuri wasn't asking for gentle here.

The second slap hurt worse. It was good. He even let a little friendly moan to show that was what he wanted.

"Need it for what..? You think I'd reject you if you were ugly? I wouldn't even notice the difference." Maybe that was a little mean so Yuri followed it up. "Like you don't notice mine."
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Finally JJ realized what Yuri was trying to do and wow did that next hit hurt. It was bordering a bit too much. But just the one was good. Yuri moaned to show that it was quite satisfying.

"Oh... Do you..?"
Perhaps he could shift a little tactic now, biting his lip.

"You say that but will you actually give it to me..? Or will you just tease?"
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"A lot of reasons." Yuri almost snarled back.

Hell, JJ could just decide to be an asshole and deny anything to him. Yuri wondered if he had it in him to do that. Probably not, this was JJ. JJ was more desperate for pleasure than Yuri was at times. But it was their mutual hunger that kept this thing alive.

"Shut up with that kitten crap."

Yuri squirmed, wanting more. Come on, JJ, give him something. He wet his lips slowly with his tongue to show he was perfectly ready to take whatever.
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Yuri rolls his eyes because ugh he wasn't a kitten. Hadn't he proven he was far more than a kitten by now? He was sure to have. JJ was being an asshole. Yuri would be glad to show him otherwise if JJ wanted to keep testing him.

He eyes JJ as the older man figures out how he was going to position himself. Yuri could be patient enough for comfort's sake at least but he was leaning forward for JJ as soon as he was in range.

He nips lightly at the underside of JJ"s cock in greeting to it. It would have to get used to teeth again wouldn't it.
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Yuri flashes a glare and maybe he let his teeth pinch a little harder against JJ's cock before taking it into his mouth, deep enough that it bumped the back ofh is throat.

He swallows around it while fierce green eyes glare up at him, giving him a bit of shame glaring..

JJ would learn quick enough that he'd had practice, which he probably knew already by now but Yuri was glad to use every trick he'd learned.
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Oh he defintiely had practiced with Otabek and he would have been glad to tell JJ the details of all that practicing if only to get under his skin. His mouth was currently occupied though and he could feel how JJ wanted to thrust into his mouth.

It wouldn't have been awful. That dominant gesture, it would have amused Yuri to have JJ acting that way.

Yuri dug his nails into JJ's thighs, green eyes focused hard, burning them into JJ's face as he watches.
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Ah. Felt right. JJ was acting so nervous, unsure. He could be taking such dominance but.. Well, everyone had to start somewhere. Not everyone could be Otabek with that cool confidence.

Yuri closes his eyes, cutting JJ's view off from him as he focuses more on the task at hand. He wanted to leave the man shivering if he could. Leave him wanting for more, demanding for more really. Wouldn't that just be perfect?
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The hand in his hair sent a thrill down his spine. Yes, that was more like it. He needed to stop mentally comparing JJ to Otabek though. They were very different and JJ had a history. They both had a volatile history and perhaps JJ was just trying to avoid sparking anything.

But wasn't Yuri ASKING for it..? Shouldn't that be different? He wondered if egging JJ on a little would be worth it.

He wasn't sure but his teeth definitely closed a little against the cock in his mouth to test the waters.
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Oh, ow, that actually hurt a bit. Yuri gags, choking on the cock as it bumps against the back of his throat. That had definitely gotten a reaction and Yuri wondered if he could keep testing the waters. Just to see what happened.

It was just so hard to resist riling JJ up. The man was so easy to rile, so easy to pick at and get heated. It'd been awhile since they'd gotten into a fight, maybe Yuri just wanted a little thrill...

So he nips again.
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That was a pretty strong show of aggression. Medium strength to what was normal for them in the past but currently rather strong.

He peers up at him, cheeks reddened and lips wet from the cock that had been in his mouth.

"How about I do what I want and you enjoy it?"

Well, that was a little opposite of what he was supposed to be doing.. Submitting to JJ was just harder than expected.