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Valentine's Day with Otabek~

[ Jean-Jacques Leroy had this habit of being an over-achiever in everything that he did. He went overboard pretty consistently and he tended to hear that he had maybe done too much or gone too far this time. He didn't really set boundaries for himself, but he'd test other people to see how much get away with before it'd escalate to their point of annoyance. He was sure, at times, that he frustrated Otabek with his behavior. He was needy, so very needy (he knew he was, too) and he thrived on attention. Otabek gave it to him, too. It was one of the things JJ really loved about him. It was why he wanted to do so much for him.

JJ was going to go overboard for Valentine's Day, undoubtedly. He'd planned this for about two months - starting just after the Grand Prix Final that they had competed against each other in. He wanted to be sure that he wasn't distracted with the competition when he planned this, since he wanted to devote the planning to his full attention.

He wanted to give all he could to Otabek for this, as he felt the other deserved it. He had worked hard for the Grand Prix, and he was patient and good to JJ. He'd never regret his drunken stumblings which led him to meeting him earlier than when he would have otherwise. He'd never regret breaking up with the girl, a fan of his he had been dating at the time, in order to pursue Otabek.

All of this - led him to planning out an extensive night in Almaty, where he insisted they'd spend time in Otabek's home town. He had dug deep, even pestered Yuri (who wasn't all too thrilled to find out why) and found out all that he could about things Otabek enjoyed about his city. He had ordered food from a restaurant that he heard Otabek had liked, rented out a penthouse in the best hotel he could find, and picked up some music, and even started to write something for Otabek - just for Otabek, that he could give him.

Aside from that, he had picked up random gifts - some accessories for his bike, another scarf - red and white (of course), a leather jacket, and new headphones.

Once he knew that everything looked perfect - the Penthouse nicely decorated, the food set out, the gifts neatly wrapped, and things set in it's place - he made his way down to the lobby so that he could meet Otabek there.

So what if he was going overboard. He liked it this way. ]
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[ Otabek had gotten the text with the address of where JJ had decided to stay and honestly, part of him was actually very surprised. The few times he had come to stay, he hadn't gone for such an expensive place. Still, the other wanted to spend Valentines together and who was Otabek to deny him that?

Pulling up to the hotel Otabek handed off his helmet and his keys to the valet before heading inside, frowning a bit at the idea of letting someone else drive his bike. It wasn't like he didn't do that every time a place had a valet, it just still bothered him. Shaking it off the younger skater entered the rather extravigant hotel, barely suppressing the smile when he saw JJ standing there. Sighing, more of a heavy breath through his nose, he lifted his hand in a wave at the other and let a small, rare, smile surface.

It took a couple steps before he was standing in front of JJ and giving him a small nod. ]

Qalıñız qalay?

[ How are you? It was a simple greeting and he had hoped being around him so long, JJ might have picked up at least that. ]

Good to see you made it safely.
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[ At the greeting Otabek simply continued to smile, something that very few got to see from him other than his family, JJ, and Yuri. It wasn't that he wasn't happy around others, he just didn't care to share such fond expressions with people not within his already small circle. The 'I love you' gets the corner of his mouth to hitch a bit higher than usual, that is most definitely something he only hears(in that form) from JJ and wouldn't have it any other way. ]

Men de seni jaqsı köremin.

[ I love you, too. Otabek rolled back on the balls of his feet, slightly pressing back into JJ's hand, before moving to follow the others lead through the hotel lobby. ]

I'm fine, it wasn't too bad.

[ Of course he says this...while there is a quickly melting dusting of snow on his jacket and ice in the treads of his boots. But this is Almaty and he's used to the cold and snow, it was a part of his life growing up. It was also one reason he hadn't minded his time in Canada. While it was warmer it was still closer to home than some places might have been.

Thinking about the cold for a moment Otabek gets an odd gleam in his eyes before glancing at one gloved hand and moves to lightly press the backs of his fingers to JJ's neck just above his shirt color. Finger-less gloves might not be the best to bike in while it's snowing, but it's habit. ]

Though it is a little cold out, see?
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[ A gruff huff of laughter forced it's way from Otabek's chest at JJ's reaction, it was why he did it. He knew he could get away with it, knew that showing that side of him to JJ made the other happy, and also knew the Canadian would try to warm up his hands...which was always a plus.

At the question he shrugged, gripping the others hands back. They were like fire against his icy fingers but it helped to melt the icy in the digits. ]

Honestly, I forgot my usual riding gloves for home.

[ Normally he'd wear something better in his home town, or other places where it was equally cold. However even two months later he was still getting his habits from the previous season trained out to make room for his usual routines for the off-season.

When the elevator doors opened, Otabek walked in without letting go of JJ's hand. Little things like this that he'd do for JJ, little affectionate things that most would think odd for him. He did them to see that soft smile that JJ seemed to reserve only for him, a smile that made him feel lighter. ]

So, anything I should know before we get up to the room or is it all a surprise?
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[ Otabek nodded as he listened, shrugging his shoulders at the mention of the spare gloves. It was a sweet sentiment at least.

Following the other skater out of the elevator, Otabek was actually fairly surprised when he saw the suite decorated the way it was. Valentines had never been a huge deal to him, he would rather focus on his practicing than worry about some commercialized holiday celebrating 'love'. That being said, seeing how happy it seemed to make JJ made it worth it to him. He walked in, shrugging out of his jacket and inspected the space. It took a bit before his eyes fell on the table with the food and flowers. When he saw it he had to smile. ]

You went all out, JJ you didn't have to.

[ Of course, knowing JJ he did have to. If only for his own reasons. ]
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[ Otabek was about to make a comment on how he could take care of his jacket, but instead bit back the response and instead turned to watch JJ, tightening his fingers around the Canadian's hand. ]

It is, I look forward to see what you have planned.

[ He leans into the others space a bit before glancing back at the table. ]

Is that what I think it is? How did you know my favorite?

[ Something told him he had a certain 'Ice Tiger' to talk to after all this. And thank. He could only imagine how much Yuri hadn't liked having to deal with JJ. The blonde still asked him why he had been dating the other so long. It was hard to explain to him that there was something...infectious about the other, something that no one else seemed to have.

It was just one of the things that he enjoyed about the other. These sweet gestures were another. ]
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Uh huh. Somehow I'm sure I know the same guy.

[ Honestly though, it's not like he's upset. Quite the opposite actually. Otabek is surprised and happy that his friend would actually put up with JJ for him. He loves the guy but even Otabek knows how over the top the older skater can be. He'd have to text the other later to thank him. Probably tomorrow. Tonight was for JJ and him.

He followed the other to the table and sat, relaxing as he took in the sight and smell of a good dinner. It had been a while since he had chosen to indulge in his favorites. He usually tried not to too often. ]

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[ Otabek let's himself chuckle lightly before he starts to eat, groaning at the flavor and everything. He hadn't really eaten out often lately, too busy training and trying to get better for the next season.

Hearing JJ talk was nothing new to Otabek, the other skater usually talked enough for the both of them. Tonight however, there was something so light and just...genuine about his tone. It made Otabek sigh happily as he leaned forward a bit in his seat, relaxing while they ate. ]

You spoil me too much.

[ Not that he doesn't spoil JJ just as much in his own ways. It wasn't quite the same, but it was there. ]

How was your trip? Sorry I couldn't pick you up from the airport.
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[ Otabek grins a bit between bites, nodding at the idea of taking JJ back to the airport. He could just imagine the 'scandal' that might arise with that and honestly he looks forward to it. He rarely posts anything himself so when it's fans posting things it's always amusing.

Well fans...or JJ. Always taking those dumb selfies with Otabek that just...actually make him smile. JJ can be such an ass...and then the next moment he is so...pure?

At the others words Otabek looks up from his plate, stopping mid chew to think over what exactly the Canadian skater had just said. He smiles a bit and finishes his bite before swallowing and licking his lips. ]

You're the lucky one? I'm the one being spoiled, I think I should be the one telling you how lucky you make me feel, Jean.
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[ Otabek smiles, continuing to eat a bit more before an idea popped into his head. Why wait for JJ to leave to finally come out about being together? Why not...why not just do it now. His own gift to the Canadian skater. He knew how much JJ wanted to talk about them on social media, he'd seen the secretly sappy tags on the images when they would meet up.

Smirking a little Otabek took out his phone, making it look like he had simply been checking a couple things when in reality he was catching a picture of JJ eating dinner, surrounded by the candle light and flowers. It really did look romantic. Uploading the picture he added a couple quick tags, the usual #kingandhero that JJ liked and JJ's tag as well as #bestvalentines, #luckiestmanintheworld, #sorryJJgirls, and finally #lovemyking.

Finishing he published it and quickly turned his phone off before holding it up for JJ to see. ]

I should probably turn this off, don't want it to interrupt our night.
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[ To be honest, Otabek was surprised that JJ had managed to keep it a secret as well. He was proud of him and also he felt bad. He saw how JJ was, how much he seemed to love to 'show off' to his family and the few close friends they had. Granted Yuri didn't appreciate it, but Yuuri and Viktor had been supportive. It made him glad for what he was doing all the more. While it wasn't a nice dinner and gifts, it was still important to both of them.

Nodding as he listened to JJ he continued to eat. ]

I figured as much.

[ He can only imagine the sort of reaction he was going to get when JJ saw the notifications when he did go to take a picture. ]
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I know, I don't mind.

[ He really didn't. While it was different for him to know that someone wanted so many pictures of him, someone who wasn't family or fans, it felt nice. It helped that JJ always seemed so happy when he would catch another one.

The rare occasion he would post them on his feed, Otabek could tell the other reveled in the reactions he got from others.

He really couldn't wait to see JJ's reaction when he saw the notifications from Otabek's most recent post. It made a smile spread across his face before he could smother it. ]
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[ In that moment Otabek had to be glad for his quicker reflexes as he has to move his plate out of the way so JJ didn't end up with a knee in his food or knocking over his glass but it isn't enough to stop the chair from rocking back just slightly.

Once he was sure they were safe from falling backwards, Otabek let out a laugh before wrapping his arms around JJ in return. It was moments like this that made everything worth it. Seeing JJ that happy was always a treat, that genuinely happy.

Kissing JJ's cheek the Kazakhstan skater sighed and rubbed the others back. ]

I thought you'd enjoy that. I know it's not much material wise but, I also know it's something you've wanted for a while.
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Good, I'm glad.

[ Leaning up into the kiss Otabek let another smile pull at his lips, forehead resting against JJ's as he kept his arms wrapped around the other. ]

I can imagine I will have quite a few notifications on my phone when I turn it back on. Yura is probably texting me nonstop.

[ There's a laugh that bubbles up in his throat, he knew he was going to be lectured, but to see JJ happy it was worth it.

Genuinely happy even, something he didn't see often and didn't seem to be shared with others nearly as much as his public persona. ]
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Haa, Yuri does that a lot. I'll need to tell him to stop.

[ A hand moves to card through JJ's hair. ]

Can't have him undoing all the work I've been doing to get you to see you aren't the only lucky one here.
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[ The kiss is chased after, Otabek pressing a few more quick kisses to the others lips between statements. ]

Don't mind him, it's not just you. Yuri is like that with people.

[ Hands rub and massage at JJ's back as he talks. ]

You just get it more because you torment him and you're dating his best friend.
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[ Reaching over Otabek pulled the other down to straddle his knees and sit there. It was easier to lavish the other with affection when he was closer like this. ]

And his best friend is so very in love with you.

[ Foreheads pressed together and faces close enough to be breathing each other in, Otabek is content like this. ]

You mean you don't already get jealous?