kingfuckboy: (pic#10855296)
Jean-Jacques Leroy 👑 KING JJ ([personal profile] kingfuckboy) wrote2016-12-26 05:19 pm

text from last night.

continued from here

JJ had so much to lose. He had everything to lose - especially Isabella. And with his long standing policy with her being honesty, he wondered how he was going to breach this subject. Plus, they were both famous in their careers. He didn't know who was watching, and surely - someone had seen Yuri enter his room. Even if no one saw what was happening, Yuri entering his room would make it easy enough to draw conclusions.


There he was, aggressively kissing the much smaller skater. He wasn't breaking it, either. Was this some game of chicken? To see who would give up first?

He decides to bite Yuri's bottom lip, hand moving away from his chin, to press it against Yuri's shoulder, with the other's back against the door. He was holding him there. He was giving him no out.

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