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for goldmedalvicturi ;)

He wasn't going to do it. In fact, most of his instincts told him that he should probably avoid the meeting that Victor had requested with him at all costs. He should be smart. He should have said he would meet up and not shown up. Waste Victor's time in this entire thing. He wouldn't have - had Victor not made it sound like a challenge. He has this unstoppable urge to not pass up a challenge. The curse of still being a teenager.

Still, despite showing up - the whole thing made him uneasy. Victor hadn't been happy, which was easy enough to tell, even through text. Things got around the grapevine quickly. He was a little worried that everyone was going to find out about what had happened with Yuri. Not that he was overly ashamed of it (he wasn't), but for the most part, he knew it was something that probably shouldn't have happened. It was a fun, but intimate, moment.

It wasn't for anyone to hear about.

But even with his concerns. He stood outside the rink, hands in the pockets of his training jacket. He was identifiable, for sure. He didn't really have friends in Russia, though.

There, he waited for Victor.

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Victor had a long week at this point. He was tired, he was dealing with a lot of thing he hadn't felt like dealing with, or at least if he was going to deal with them he wanted them to be on his terms. Yuri had screwed that up for him in one regards. Now he was struggling to fix things, even if things didn't seem all that broken.

And this other information he'd gotten.. He was going to keep it to himself, keep silent, let JJ burn in his own fires but Victor knew that nothing would happen. JJ would get to just keep going on with his life.

There was no reason for him to want to help Yuri out after he outed the fooling around Victor had done with Phichit but Yuuri had been upset. That was the kicker.

He was actually already at the rink, coming out from being in the upstairs offices. Victor shuts the door behind him before approaching JJ. His hands were in his coat pocket and his expression was cold.

"Oh look, you made it."
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Of course JJ would act like he had no idea. Probably for the better. Openly admitting anything might annoy Victor too much at the moment.

He pulls a cd case out of his pocket and hands it to JJ. His expression remained cold.

"You might want this. It's security footage."
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"I have a copy of the keys to the building, since I paid for the renovations with my sponsorship cash three years back." His hands return to his pockets.

He was watching JJ closely, looking for any signs of shame or guilt for his actions. Honestly, it seemed more like he was just ashamed that he hadn't remembered there might be cameras.

"I'm not in any position to judge or shame you for whatever decisions you're making. I've had my affairs and my flings." Victor's weight shifts as he taps his boot tip down against the ground, knocking a bit of side walk salt off.

"I can say what you did is statutory in Russia. I can tell you that if his grandfather knew what happened you'd be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, regardless of whether or not Yuri actually consented. His grandson is his world."

Victor pulls a hand from his pocket, tapping his chin gently. "So I suppose I really just want to ask what your actual intentions are? Its not long until Yuri is sixteen and can consent to whatever he wants, but it doesn't change he's just a kid and being just a kid.. I'd like to get a grasp on what he'll be dealing with."

He points the finger at JJ, wrist bending backwards.

"So what is it, Leroy? Are you pursuing an affair? Entering a legitimate relationship? I would wait if that's the case... or are you just having a fling with a teenager?"
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It was obvious that whatever was going on that it wasn't something JJ was proud of when the man had to put thought into it. It wasn't even that Yuri was a child compared to JJ. They were only four years apart in age. Victor couldn't exactly claim one was a child over the other. They both had the maturity of five year olds.

Probably a good thing this wasn't an extended conversation between himself and Yuuri. He was sure to have earned some scolding as it was a clear disagreement between them. Victor understood Yuri was the breadwinner of the family and though being young could make his own decisions to an extent. Yuuri... was Mom.

"I could, but Yuri has a different conversation waiting for him. I'm here looking for your point of view, not his."

Victor found it strange, being in this position. The scolding adult, the protective older brother figure that was trying to sort out what was going on between two young people that, frankly, Victor would have argued were old enough to be just fine were he still the same age.

"So a fling. I'm surprised, to be honest. I thought you disliked one another."
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"That doesn't exactly sound healthy."

Victor always tried to make sure he liked the person he intended on falling into bed with. It made things better, warmer. The intimacy of being with someone he cared for mattered more than the sex. Whenever he tried to just one night stand... it always made him feel a little guilty.

"And what happens if Yuri wants a relationship? I don't know what goes on between the two of you, but I know what it's like being a teenager in his first relationship, especially giving their virginity to someone."

The older skater didn't understand Yuri's motivations but he wasn't in the position to poke and prod about it. Maybe later, when the tension lowers between them.
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Victor smiled without humor, watching the concern passing over JJ's face. Despite all the bravado, JJ was a human being. He was doing his best with what was going on, even if what was going on was probably JJ's fault. Not exclusively though. It couldn't be ignored that Yuri was a maker of his own problems.

"I think you'll find Yuri comes with a lot of strings, even if you don't see them all." Victor turns away, raising his hand to give a little wave over his shoulder as he heads off towards the train station. He needed to be getting home.

"Be careful, JJ. If you push too far I'll end up on Yuuri's side of things and I don't lecture over text messages."