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Jean-Jacques Leroy 👑 KING JJ ([personal profile] kingfuckboy) wrote2017-01-07 05:46 pm

for goldmedalvicturi ;)

He wasn't going to do it. In fact, most of his instincts told him that he should probably avoid the meeting that Victor had requested with him at all costs. He should be smart. He should have said he would meet up and not shown up. Waste Victor's time in this entire thing. He wouldn't have - had Victor not made it sound like a challenge. He has this unstoppable urge to not pass up a challenge. The curse of still being a teenager.

Still, despite showing up - the whole thing made him uneasy. Victor hadn't been happy, which was easy enough to tell, even through text. Things got around the grapevine quickly. He was a little worried that everyone was going to find out about what had happened with Yuri. Not that he was overly ashamed of it (he wasn't), but for the most part, he knew it was something that probably shouldn't have happened. It was a fun, but intimate, moment.

It wasn't for anyone to hear about.

But even with his concerns. He stood outside the rink, hands in the pockets of his training jacket. He was identifiable, for sure. He didn't really have friends in Russia, though.

There, he waited for Victor.

(this is continued from here)

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