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Jean-Jacques Leroy 👑 KING JJ ([personal profile] kingfuckboy) wrote2017-02-14 08:56 pm

Valentine's Day with Otabek~

[ Jean-Jacques Leroy had this habit of being an over-achiever in everything that he did. He went overboard pretty consistently and he tended to hear that he had maybe done too much or gone too far this time. He didn't really set boundaries for himself, but he'd test other people to see how much get away with before it'd escalate to their point of annoyance. He was sure, at times, that he frustrated Otabek with his behavior. He was needy, so very needy (he knew he was, too) and he thrived on attention. Otabek gave it to him, too. It was one of the things JJ really loved about him. It was why he wanted to do so much for him.

JJ was going to go overboard for Valentine's Day, undoubtedly. He'd planned this for about two months - starting just after the Grand Prix Final that they had competed against each other in. He wanted to be sure that he wasn't distracted with the competition when he planned this, since he wanted to devote the planning to his full attention.

He wanted to give all he could to Otabek for this, as he felt the other deserved it. He had worked hard for the Grand Prix, and he was patient and good to JJ. He'd never regret his drunken stumblings which led him to meeting him earlier than when he would have otherwise. He'd never regret breaking up with the girl, a fan of his he had been dating at the time, in order to pursue Otabek.

All of this - led him to planning out an extensive night in Almaty, where he insisted they'd spend time in Otabek's home town. He had dug deep, even pestered Yuri (who wasn't all too thrilled to find out why) and found out all that he could about things Otabek enjoyed about his city. He had ordered food from a restaurant that he heard Otabek had liked, rented out a penthouse in the best hotel he could find, and picked up some music, and even started to write something for Otabek - just for Otabek, that he could give him.

Aside from that, he had picked up random gifts - some accessories for his bike, another scarf - red and white (of course), a leather jacket, and new headphones.

Once he knew that everything looked perfect - the Penthouse nicely decorated, the food set out, the gifts neatly wrapped, and things set in it's place - he made his way down to the lobby so that he could meet Otabek there.

So what if he was going overboard. He liked it this way. ]

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