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[ Jean-Jacques Leroy had this habit of being an over-achiever in everything that he did. He went overboard pretty consistently and he tended to hear that he had maybe done too much or gone too far this time. He didn't really set boundaries for himself, but he'd test other people to see how much get away with before it'd escalate to their point of annoyance. He was sure, at times, that he frustrated Otabek with his behavior. He was needy, so very needy (he knew he was, too) and he thrived on attention. Otabek gave it to him, too. It was one of the things JJ really loved about him. It was why he wanted to do so much for him.

JJ was going to go overboard for Valentine's Day, undoubtedly. He'd planned this for about two months - starting just after the Grand Prix Final that they had competed against each other in. He wanted to be sure that he wasn't distracted with the competition when he planned this, since he wanted to devote the planning to his full attention.

He wanted to give all he could to Otabek for this, as he felt the other deserved it. He had worked hard for the Grand Prix, and he was patient and good to JJ. He'd never regret his drunken stumblings which led him to meeting him earlier than when he would have otherwise. He'd never regret breaking up with the girl, a fan of his he had been dating at the time, in order to pursue Otabek.

All of this - led him to planning out an extensive night in Almaty, where he insisted they'd spend time in Otabek's home town. He had dug deep, even pestered Yuri (who wasn't all too thrilled to find out why) and found out all that he could about things Otabek enjoyed about his city. He had ordered food from a restaurant that he heard Otabek had liked, rented out a penthouse in the best hotel he could find, and picked up some music, and even started to write something for Otabek - just for Otabek, that he could give him.

Aside from that, he had picked up random gifts - some accessories for his bike, another scarf - red and white (of course), a leather jacket, and new headphones.

Once he knew that everything looked perfect - the Penthouse nicely decorated, the food set out, the gifts neatly wrapped, and things set in it's place - he made his way down to the lobby so that he could meet Otabek there.

So what if he was going overboard. He liked it this way. ]
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Things had changed quite a bit since JJ first returned to Russia. The more time he spent here, and with Yuri, the more he regretted his leaving, too. There were times where he was jealous, realizing that in his absence, Yuri had been with others. That was the fact that had driven his regret. If he had stayed, well, he was sure things would be very different now. He tried hard to push that to the back of his mind. It would be different this time. He wouldn't leave Yuri unless he was forced to. Yuri was, effectively, stuck with JJ as a part of his life. He wasn't about to give Yuri the chance to think that he was going to be abandoned. Since his programs were already together for the Grand Prix, as well, he had no real need to return home. He could easily practice here and Russia and stay here. His parents, still acting as his coaches, would come when needed. He didn't disclose why he was so keen on staying in Russia, but he also didn't feel so inclined to keep Yuri a secret.

After all, people were bound to figure it out when JJ was longer was regularly staying at a hotel. The things he had brought with him to Russia had started to make their way into Yuri's apartment. He wasn't quite confident enough to cancel the room at the hotel (just in case, he ever needed to escape). He intended to make himself a fixture in Yuri's life. And despite the times of bitterness and frustration that he often felt, he thought that things were going pretty normally. For them at least. He'd never say when he was jealous or bitter when Yuri would spend time with Otabek, though he was sure Yuri could read it in his face and features. JJ was not good at hiding his feelings. He never had been.

But it wasn't something he wanted to talk about. He'd deny that he felt any sort if way if confronted about it.

When they were both at Yuri's, he didn't spend very many moments separated from him. He was still, technically, a guest and even if there were times he was upset or angry - he was raised to always treat other people's homes with respect. So he did. He didn't get into things he wasn't invited to, and he only took the space offered to him. But now - he thought maybe he should consider just taking some of the space.

He vanished into the bedroom briefly, folding his freshly cleaned articles of clothing, organizing them in a small, neat pile. As he sorted them - he broke into another round of Theme of King JJ - just loud enough for Yuri to hear it.

He had a few more things than he had come to Russia with, having picked up some while staying here. He was wearing baggy sweatpants - red, with a white CANADA and a maple leaf on his left leg. His tee fit a little more snugly, with a gold crown on it. It was his go-to laundry outfit.

His clothing folded, he moved towards Yuri's closet, pausing. "Kitten~ I'm taking some of your closet," he announced, humming, before tugging open the closet door.
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JJ - from time to time - made very poor decisions. He wouldn't admit it, but it was due to in part to his age. Still a teenager by all technicalities, and immature for his age, these choices typically were quite harmless. This was a time where they were not. JJ barely remembered what happened halfway through the night. He had one shot, two shot, three shot, four... shots. That's when he stopped remembering things. He was a young person, enjoying a trip abroad, and making terrible decisions.

Indeed, not every decision made at happy hour was a good one.

None of them seemed to be this time.

When he woke up with a pounding headache, he was somewhere unfamiliar. A hotel it looked like. He moved about the room for his belongings. He gathered up his clothes, got dressed, and looked around for his phone. It was getting close to dead. He didn't know where he was exactly.

He didn't want to ask for help, either. He was above that.

But - since he had offered - he opted to text someone who he knew would help him - Yuuri Katsuki. He shared minimal details.

Strange hotel. You offered help. Don't say a thing.
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He wasn't going to do it. In fact, most of his instincts told him that he should probably avoid the meeting that Victor had requested with him at all costs. He should be smart. He should have said he would meet up and not shown up. Waste Victor's time in this entire thing. He wouldn't have - had Victor not made it sound like a challenge. He has this unstoppable urge to not pass up a challenge. The curse of still being a teenager.

Still, despite showing up - the whole thing made him uneasy. Victor hadn't been happy, which was easy enough to tell, even through text. Things got around the grapevine quickly. He was a little worried that everyone was going to find out about what had happened with Yuri. Not that he was overly ashamed of it (he wasn't), but for the most part, he knew it was something that probably shouldn't have happened. It was a fun, but intimate, moment.

It wasn't for anyone to hear about.

But even with his concerns. He stood outside the rink, hands in the pockets of his training jacket. He was identifiable, for sure. He didn't really have friends in Russia, though.

There, he waited for Victor.

(this is continued from here)


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continued from here

JJ had so much to lose. He had everything to lose - especially Isabella. And with his long standing policy with her being honesty, he wondered how he was going to breach this subject. Plus, they were both famous in their careers. He didn't know who was watching, and surely - someone had seen Yuri enter his room. Even if no one saw what was happening, Yuri entering his room would make it easy enough to draw conclusions.


There he was, aggressively kissing the much smaller skater. He wasn't breaking it, either. Was this some game of chicken? To see who would give up first?

He decides to bite Yuri's bottom lip, hand moving away from his chin, to press it against Yuri's shoulder, with the other's back against the door. He was holding him there. He was giving him no out.


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