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text from last night.

continued from here

JJ had so much to lose. He had everything to lose - especially Isabella. And with his long standing policy with her being honesty, he wondered how he was going to breach this subject. Plus, they were both famous in their careers. He didn't know who was watching, and surely - someone had seen Yuri enter his room. Even if no one saw what was happening, Yuri entering his room would make it easy enough to draw conclusions.


There he was, aggressively kissing the much smaller skater. He wasn't breaking it, either. Was this some game of chicken? To see who would give up first?

He decides to bite Yuri's bottom lip, hand moving away from his chin, to press it against Yuri's shoulder, with the other's back against the door. He was holding him there. He was giving him no out.
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Well, perhaps Yuri should look at his virginity as something of some value to lose. Or some level of dignity over doing this with JJ of all people. But it being JJ meant he wasn't quite willing to break the moment because he wanted to win the moment.

He'd drag JJ as far as the man was going to go because he damn well wasn't going to back down first.

Yuri made a small grunt as his back impacted the door. A nice reminder that there wasn't a path to freedom, unless he begged to be let out anyway.

So he reaches a thin hand forward, grabbing JJ's crotch to openly make his stand.
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Yuri knew he was in territory he hadn't meant to stumble into. This wasn't going to work out for him. Not in the long run. Maybe in the short term victory aspect, which as a fifteen year old boy that's what he was looking for.

He feels the leg pressing in. He balances on his toes a little before curling his fingers and slipping his fingers beneath the top of the boxers.

Not something he'd ever touched on another person before. He really hoped JJ showered. Or at least.. didn't do anything...
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Aww, JJ u nugget

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He wasn't thinking either. He knew, logically, this would be a regrettable, stupid decision. It could end up with JJ's relationship screwed up (not that he cared) and him looking like a fool. JJ could tell whoever he wanted, or Isabella if she found out. Then there was just the knowledge that the first time he slept with anyone was with JJ.


Was he sure he could handle that?

Yuri pushes JJ's hands aside. He sinks down to his knees and pulls JJ free of his boxers. He would show JJ exactly what he could handle as he puts his mouth around the older skater's hopefully growing erection.
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oops shit someone is going to think I'm nice

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Yuri was glad JJ was basically holding the door shut at the moment. This wouldn't exactly be the best position to be in if Isabella did arrive. He would have the opportunity to get up and put himself together before fleeing the scene of the crime.

Ugh, it did feel a bit like a crime didn't it? JJ was engaged. Yuri had nothing against Isabella per se..

But his mouth was already in place, one set of thin fingers around the base of JJ's endowment while the other tucked his hair back behind his ear. His green eyes were closed, brow furrowed in concentration because he really didn't know what he was doing. All he could do was his best here.
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Yeah its hard to think with your mouth full

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Yuri kept his eyes shut. He needed to focus on what and not who he was doing. His head bobbed, stilling only moment when he felt JJ's fingers run through his hair. It was almost affectionate, wasn't it?

He kind of wanted to back out. Weird to think when his mouth was wrapped around another man's cock. Honestly, who was even winning in this situation? JJ seemed to have achieved higher gains from this entire game of chicken and the Canadian probably knew it too. Ugh.

Dick sucking didn't seem to require too much skill though. JJ wasn't escalating it, which on pride alone Yuri would probably let happen. He could stay focused on getting this man off and skittering out the door as quickly as he could.

Porns made this look so easy, Yuri's cheeks going hollow with each pull back, trying to drag JJ forcibly to completion if he had to.
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May I hoard you on plurk if you have one?

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Yuri winced at the tug on his hair and he opens his eyes to look at JJ. What had he said, or at least was trying to-- Oh.

Oh was all he thought as he choked on JJ reaching orgasm right down the back of his throat.

Yuri pulls back, hand coming to his mouth quickly to avoid a worse mess down his face. He didn't pull the hand out of his hair yet, green eyes staring hard at the floor.

"...Don't tell anyone."
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"I don't have anyone to tell."

Yuri's voice was softer than it normally was, a bit muffled by his hand. The mention of Isabella made his hand shake a little bit, because of course JJ would need to tell his fiancee he received a blow job from a third party. Isabella would be hurt, of course.

He shifts back on his heels, standing. His feet felt a little numb from sitting on them, but he moves silently the short distance to the bathroom. He doesn't brush his teeth, just nabs the bottle of mouthwash to do a quick swish and spit.

His fingers push his hair back out of his face and for a second he got to see his slightly swollen lips, the red rim around his eyes and the way his cheeks were flushed from either exertion or embarrassment.

Most likely the latter.

In his opinion, he'd definitely lost. He turns, blonde hair whirling around his face as he moves quickly for the door. He yanks it open almost hard enough to crash against it before escaping into the hallway.

Poor Isabella, almost was crashed straight into by the fleeing Yuri.

Who forgot his damn shirt.
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Nope. He refused to turn back. He swung himself around the corner into the stairwell quickly. He wasn't sure how many stairs he launched himself down with equal fervor but eventually stopped himself against a wall. He was a floor down from his own floor. He takes a moment to lean against the wall, turning to look back up the stairs.

No one had followed him at least. He rubbed his stomach, as if he could feel what he'd swallowed settling in there like a brick. Oh man, that was stupid. The stupidest thing he'd ever done.

And maybe he got a little upset, pressing the heels of his hands against his eyes hard to stop any actual outward showing. He eventually climbed the stairs back to his room to take a shower...